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Why I Decided To Learn Software Development

I first got excited about software development when I learned how to automate computers.  As a booker for music venues, I found that I could cut down my time doing tedious, repetitive tasks by at least half.  Doing this allowed me to focus my energy on booking good music.  It also created a more stable system of booking. It meant less typos, double bookings, miscommunications, and cancellations.  At some point, I started keeping track of every little thing I had to do more than once.  Anything that made that list would be automated.  I got every piece of software that could help with the automation process.  I learned AppleScript, and used it to control just about everything.  
I was so proud of all my scripts, I showed them to a few of my programmer friends.  The response I got was basically, "Dude, you're about 3 steps away from being a programmer.  You should just learn programming!"
It was around that point that I realized that I really enjoyed the process of scriptwriting and automation, not just because of all the time I was saving, but because it was really fun and challenging- I got a kick out of it!
So I started messing around with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.  I took a few starter courses online, and had a really good time with it.    After doing a few of those courses, I realized I wanted to take it a step further and really learn how to use these tools.  I tried the Flatiron Bootcamp Prep course.  It was definitely the most challenging of all the programming courses I had tried.  But again, I really enjoyed the challenge and loved working my brain in that way.